Subsea Intervention/Maintenance

  • Underwater Inspection, Repair, Maintenance.
  • Underwater Asset Integrity Management.
  • Project management and support services.
  • Underwater Seabed Surveys.
  • Pre and Post Laid Pipeline, Umbilical and Cable Inspection Surveys.
  • Underwater Construction and Installation Support.
  • Underwater NDT.
  • ROV Services for:-
  • Subsea Inspection, Repair and Maintenance, and Pipeline Survey
  • Offshore Pipe Laying Support
  • Offshore Drilling Support
  • Subsea Internal pipeline inspections
  • Diving Services for:-
  • Underwater Welding and Burning
  • SBM/SPM, Mooring and PLEM Installation, RBI Inspection and Maintenance
  • SBM/SPM Subsea Hoses Configuration Examination and Change-Out
  • Riser Repairs, Installation and Maintenance
  • Support to Pipeline, Flow line and Cable laying and post lay trenching
  • Anode Installation/Replacement
  • NDT/Inspections of Offshore Structures & Rigs
  • Subsea Inspection, Repairs and Maintenance Programs
  • Navigational Buoy Maintenance and Installation
  • Hyperbaric Welding
  • Underwater Spool Piece and Flanges Installations, Tie-ins and Hydra-tightening
  • Hot Tapping
  • Seabed Clearance of Wellheads and Wellheads Subsea Operations Interventions.
  • Drilling Support
  • Subsea High Pressure Water Jetting and Grit Blasting
  • Jacket Platforms Routine Maintenance
  • Technical, Inspection, Diving and ROV personnel Manpower provision.
  • Subsea Inspection Equipment Supply.
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