Diving Services

Diving services

U/W ship’s Maintenance

Underwater inspection ( IACS )

U/W Inspections

Underwater video ( CCTV video camera )

Underwater photos

Underwater hull cleaning

U/W hull cleaning

Underwater fitting and replacement of anodes ( Anodes Replacement )

Underwater ultrasonic thickness measurements

Underwater waterproofing services

Underwater propeller repairs

Underwater propeller cropping

Underwater propeller polishing

U/W Propeller Polishing

Underwater rebalancing

Underwater search and recovery of lost anchor

Underwater welding

Underwater overhead welding

UW overhead welding

Underwater vertical welding

UW vertical welding

Underwater welding approved by Lloyd’s register

UW welding

Underwater technical works for port facilities

Underwater fitting anodes – Underwater replacement anodes

U/W search and recovery anchor chain

U/W sea chests cleaning – underwater sea chests grating cleaning

U/W sea chest grating cleaning

Plugging sea chests

Underwater maintenance bow thrusters

In-water survey ( In water surveys )

Underwater clearance measurements

U/W Measurements

U/W Tail-Shaft Measurements

Underwater survey of underwater constructions – Underwater survey of coastal structures

In-water class survey – U/W Survey In – Lieu of Dry Docking ( UWILD )

Underwater cutting



Underwater repairs ( U/W Repairs )

Bilge Keel Crack Repair

U/W Rudder Inspection Door Replacement

Rope Guard Replacement

Repairs at Shell Plating

Underwater propeller cutting

Propeller Blade Bending Repair

Propeller Blade Crack Repair

Repairs at Propeller

Repairs at Rope Guard

Repairs at Rudder

Repairs at Bilge Keel

Tail Shaft clearances

Rudder Pintle’s clearance

Underwater rudders repair

Shipping agency

U/W Rudder Pintle Measurements

U/W replacement rope-cutter

Underwater repair bow thrusters

Underwater technical works

Underwater technical works for port facilities

Submarine pipeline installation

Underwater cables installation

Construction of ports ( marine fabrications and maintenance of marine )

Shipwreck salvage


Shipwreck cutting

Shipwreck removal


Under water CCTV inspections

Hull coating inspection

Under water services

Under water ship repairs

Drydock extention inspections – In Lieu of Dry Docking ( UWILD )

Under water inspections

Fouling condition , Coating condition

Underwater services

Hull surveys

Underwater ship repair

Dry dock inspection

Bottom Survey

Underwater inspections